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Dan Kami tidak menurunkan kepadamu Al-Kitab (al-Quran) ini, melainkan agar kamu dapat menjelaskan kepada mereka apa yang mereka perselisihkan itu dan menjadi petunjuk dan rahmat bagi kaum yang beriman..

an NAHL:64


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Dikirim pada Wednesday 06-12-2006 11:50 oleh Administrator
Web Designzulkiply menulis "Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag. They are a part of HTML that the surfer never sees. They are not included for the surfer's benefit and their contents are not printed to the screen. They were originally designed to tell search engines, and other various programs, what each web page on the internet was all about.

You can check your meta tags HERE.

You will surprised with the result after ignoring all this while. A closed-examined to the meta tags used in my webpage reveals several important aspects to be emphasized.


Meta tags belong in the head section of a page.

Normally, the first meta tag is the declaration of META HTTP-EQUIV content


Ihe meta tag above is the standard used for character coding. As a META tag, it causes the browser to load the appropriate charset before displaying the page. It is now recommended to always use this tag even if you use a DTD declaration above the Header. Failure to do so may cause display problems where, for instance, the do***ent uses UTF-8 punctuation characters but is displayed in ISO or ASCII charsets. An Arabic webpage owner suddenly found his webpage full of unexpectable characters because the the wrobgly declared charset in the content-type meta tag.

Meta Description:


It should be relevant with the webpage title and the webpage contents. When you look at a list of search results, each listed site/page usually has a description of what the site/page is about. This is not the title which is normally dispayed in bold. Some search engines get the description from this meta tag although today most take it from the printable text in the page itself. To take advantage of the engines that use the description meta tag, this is the place to write a short piece of text to grab the surfer''''s attention. Even though today, the major search engines seem to place very little (or no) value on the content of the description tag from an algorithmic standpoint. Nevertheless, it remains good design practice to put a unique and appropriate description tag on each page. Neither too long nor too short.

The ''''refresh'''' meta tag


It''''s effect is to automatically load the next page in the number of seconds specified. The example would fetch the next page in 0 seconds. It is sometimes used unscrupulously to redirect surfers to sites and pages that they didn''''t choose to go to. The search engines are wise to it and penalise sites and pages that use this technique. The moral is - don''''t do it. The main appropriate use for the meta refresh is a non-search related redirect, e.g., a magazine printed a nonexistent URL in an article. Even in that case, other redirection methods are probably better. If you need to redirect your visitors to other page make us other method such as:

header(" location: http://www.example.com/anotherpage.php") ;

The ''''keywords'''' meta tag


For best search results, each page of a web site should contain the unique, relevant keywords. It should contain the correct keyword for the page. Use with caution. Make sure to only use keywords that are relevant to your site. Search engines are known to penalize or blacklist your site for abuse. Also remember by using this tag you are exposing your keywords to your competitors. Five hours of keyword research can be hijacked within just a few minutes by your competitor. Do not list a hundred keywords there and do not write only 5 keywords. The acceptable amout of keywords is around 15-25.

The ''''robots'''' meta tag


This is one tag that is still widely respected by search engines. It is used to pass instructions to the search engines'''' robots - often referred to as spiders or crawlers. The default (i.e., if there is no robots meta tag) is for search engines to index the page and to follow links on the page - if this is your intention, you can omit the tag entirely.

index = index this page *

noindex = don''''t index this page

follow = follow the links from this page to get more pages *

nofollow = don''''t follow the links from this page

all = index this page and follow the links from it *

none = don''''t index this page and don''''t follow the links

Other tags
such as

Meta Copyright:

Typically an unqualified copyright statement. You can include copyright, trademarks, patents, or other information here pertaining to your intellectual property.


Not required. You should understand that this tag will not protect your site''''s content or your intellectual property. Consult your attorney to ensure you are protected properly.

Meta Expires:

The date and time after which the do***ent should be considered expired. Controls caching in HTTP/1.0. An illegal Expires date, e.g. "0", is interpreted as "now".


Do not use. While this is good in concept, it is impractical for search engines and they do not use it. The same is true for the "revisit-after" tag. Search engines were able to catalog these at one time, but now with indexes over a billion pages, it just isn''''t feasible.

Meta Rating:

Simple content rating.

Do not use. There are many strands of this tag on the Internet and there is not a set form, which suggests that you would be better off with getting a rating from the International Content Rating Association.

Note: the metatag opener in all examples above is spaced after news submission and edited by the script. Please use the nomal meta tag opener without spaces.

The above article can be reproduced on your site or e-zine as long as the name of the author remains.

Search Phrases:

writing meta tags, meta tags explained, meta tags uncovered, meta content, meta content type, meta rating, meta descriptions, meta expires, meta robots, meta keywords
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